Bellevue Academy of Music



New Student Orientation

June 5, 11 am to 12 pm

Music in Seattle – Summer Camp 2022

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1. Vivian Jiang (17″) 4/1 grade 81. Alfie Bai (20″) 6/11 grade 3
2. Alfie Bai (19″) 6/11 grade 32. Sophie Hu (26″) 3/26 grade 3
3. Claire Jiang (25″) 3/25 grade 4 Alex Kim (25″) 3/31 grade 83. Vivian Jiang (27″) 3/18 grade 8
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Bellevue Academy of Music provides piano lessons for all ages in Bellevue, Washington. We offer piano lessons through extensive programs that match various goals, from amateur to highly professional players. Our programs are supported, developed, researched, and guided by many qualifying establishments, including:

To mediate our student learning needs during this pandemic, we take every measure to stay safe yet continue opening in-person classes. Please read and follow the instructions below so that we maintain a successful operation.

Hybrid Instruction (all divisions)

  1. Fill out COVID19 Attestation ON THE SAME DAY before your lesson begins. Only takes 30 seconds. (please do not fill out the day before)
  2. All answers must meet the requirement to attend an in-person class.
  3. Late or unfilled Attestation is not accepted.
  4. Please arrive in proximity to your lesson as too early or late arrival or/and departure will jeopardize traffic movement. (eg. don’t arrive 30 minutes before your lesson time, we have many cars already) Please make sure that your child is not left unattended after the class.
  5. Upon arrival at the studio (Home studio), please park on the top hill and turn the car around so you can easily head out when you are done. Keep the driveway clear for resident cars.
  6. Only the student will enter the studio. Parents may join the class online.
  7. Mask is to be worn 100% of the time. A good filtration mask is required. Please avoid a cloth mask or bandana. You will be given an extra mask to put on.
  8. The student will be temperature checked, and hands sanitized. Any fever or signs of cold including allergy will be sent back. If you are not feeling well, please opt for an online class.
  9. The in-person class is not guaranteed as it also depends on the condition of the instructor. In such a case, the class will be held online.
  10. The restroom is not provided. The nearest public restroom is QFC and Bellevue Square. The parent must stay within reachable distance for any emergencies.
  11. The class may end shortly for sanitizing/planning purposes.
  12. Come to the class prepared with homework and books/binder. You will be graded on your progress and homework each week. After the lesson, please check your student page for updates, and if you don’t see your new homework by the next day, please email me!!