COVID-19 Safety Plan

School District’s COVID-19 Cases Dashboards

Private Schools/Preschools

Our number one priority is to keep the studio safe for everyone. What we do to endorse safety:

  1. Fill in COVID-19 Attestation on the same day of your lesson.
  2. If you don’t meet the attestation, you can join the lesson by Zoom link in your student page.
  3. If the studio is found unsafe for any reasons, all lessons will be held by Zoom until it is safe and clear.
  4. We will be closely monitoring cases in King County, and all the schools’ COVID-19 daily updates and dashboards.
  5. Mask (good filtration, no cloth or bandana) is to be worn 100% time, cover nose. Must fit right.
  6. Temperatures are checked upon arrival. Any high fever will be alerted and sent home.
  7. Hands sanitized.
  8. Bathroom is not available. Make sure you are good to go before the lesson.
  9. A parent must stay within the proximity (reachable) to accommodate students in case of an emergency.
  10. Private lesson: One student will enter the studio.
  11. Group lesson: Conducted at Northwest Pianos to allow social distancing.

Protocols on Attendance in person.

Approved masks

Approved health conditions