About Us

Welcome to Bellevue Academy of Arts & Music, where individuals of all ages can immerse themselves in the world of music learning. Established in Bellevue, Washington in 2010, our studio has crafted a variety of distinctive programs, each one designed to cater to the individual needs of our students.


Vancouver, BC. Canada

Carnegie Music Studio

The director was raised and trained in Vancouver, Canada.

October, 2010

Bellevue Piano Studio Opens

In November 2010, Bellevue Piano Studio commenced operations in Bellevue, Washington.

June, 2017

Music in Seattle Summer Camp

The music camp debuted at Northwest Pianos in 2017. Since its inception, the Summer Camp has welcomed hundreds of students, offering them an introduction to a broad spectrum of musical instruments.

September, 2017

Mozart Preschool

The Mozart Preschool opened its doors to welcome its inaugural group of students in 2017.

March, 2020

Digital Music School

The studio has transitioned all programs to a digital format, and the launch of the new online student portal remains one of our most robust resources.

July, 2022

Bellevue Academy of Arts & Music

Bellevue Piano Studio has moved to its current office building and, with a refreshed identity as the Bellevue Academy of Arts & Music, is broadening its offerings with newly enhanced programs.

September, 2022

BAAM After School Club

We began providing an After School Music Program available to registered-students.

April, 2023

RCM Partner School

We have joined the ranks of partner schools in Washington State for the Royal Conservatory of Music program.



Created and developed by the director alongside a dedicated team of students, this licensed note-reading system stands out with a proven 100% success rate, effectively eliminating all challenges related to learning musical notes. Scheduled for publication in 2024, it promises to set a new standard for efficacy in the teaching of musical notation.

BAAM Solutions

We believe that the key to effective learning in children is sparking their cognition—getting their minds active and thinking. Therefore, we emphasize teaching methods that encourage personal insight and self-guided realization over rapid, memorization-based techniques.

We offer effective solutions to common challenges encountered in music education, addressing issues like a lack of motivation to practice, difficulties in reading music, and deficiencies in technical skills. Our offerings include Goal-Specific Music Classes tailored to each learner’s unique needs, along with original programs developed in-house to enhance the educational experience.

With the guaranteed effectiveness and uniqueness of our solutions, we are in the process of making our systems available globally through the BAAM Collaborative Training Centers.

Experience our exclusive solutions that are available only at BAAM.

  • Piano Adventure’s Beginner Course (PianistMap™️ Junior Level)
  • PianistMap™️ Complete Note-Reading Solutions
  • DoFaMi™️ Global Ranking Metaverse

BAAM Music Mastery Series

Distinct from many music studios, our programs are structured as Mastery Series complete with scheduled plans. Our introductory program spans a concise 7-week period, during which students undergo continuous evaluation. In our private divisions, students aim to reach predetermined goals within a certain period. This strategy has successfully matched students’ interests with their highest potential while keeping open lines of communication with their families. We’ve also refined our enrollment to focus on highly motivated students, ensuring efficient use of time and outstanding educational results. For a more detailed description, please refer to the following page.

Elite Training (Divisions 2 & 3)

Upon reaching the Senior and Professional Years, students are eligible for Intensive Training, which allows them to fully engage with the extensive Aesthetics of Arts program. To qualify, a candidate must demonstrate a significant level of enthusiasm and commitment to their musical journey. Once accepted, students will find opportunities awaiting them, including support for both national and international stages.