Junior Music Class

Division 1 Primary and Juniors (5 to 12 years old) 50-80 minutes

00 minPerformance: Students give presentations to the class about the songs they are presently focusing on. Participation is mandatory.
20 minPiano Practice:¬†Proceed to the piano/keyboard and sit down. Start by reviewing your Action Plan, which specifies the goals you aim to achieve by the end of today’s session and your objectives for the week. Begin your practice once the teacher approves your¬†Action Plan. Brief 2-5 minute breaks for restroom visits or water are allowed, but snacks are not permitted. Any break longer than 5 minutes will result in the termination of your session for the day, and you will be asked to leave. The total break time for all breaks should not exceed 10 minutes.¬†No student is allowed to simply hang out or engage in activities unrelated to piano practice.¬†Disturbing or distracting others is also not allowed. Young beginners may¬†work on¬†music theory or writing tasks if they have fulfilled their Action Plan objectives. Early dismissal for young beginners is permitted after 50 minutes, but must be pre-approved through a request from the parent. All other students are required to stay for the full class duration. Students are graded each week on attendance, behavior, work ethics, and progress.
 Private Lesson: During the practice session, students will be individually called upon to assess their technique and song progress, starting with the youngest in age. They may be called multiple times to monitor their direction and ongoing progress.
50 minFirst Dismissal: Students who have concluded their private lessons may choose to leave at this time. Students may also choose to stay for the entire class, continuing with their Action Plan.
1 hr 20 minSecond Dismissal: Class ends.