Live Music Assembly

Live Music Assembly is a program-based performance class for registered students at Bellevue Academy of Music. (open to 5-18 years old)

ASSEMBLY 2022-2023

Sundays, 9 am to 11 am @ Northwest Pianos

  • WINTER I: 9/25, 10/9, 10/23, 11/6
  • WINTER II: 11/20, 12/4, 1/8, 1/22
  • SPRING I: 2/5, 3/5, 3/19, 4/2
  • SPRING II: 4/23, 5/7, 5/21, 6/4

Students from Bellevue Academy of Music who are enrolled in Divisions 2 and 3 may attend the assembly as “host members” and must arrive at 9:00 am to prepare for the masterclass. They will also participate in the opening Performances. All others, including division 1 and non-registered students, will join the assembly as “general members” and audit the program. All members will be assigned to an Ensemble Team and work with partners and Teammates for future Gala&Ensemble Performances. Students in Divisions 2 & 3 who are not Assembly Members may participate in the masterclass from 9:30-10:20 am 2 times per quarter to fulfill the Division Requirements. Quiet seating and observation skill are required for everyone. At this time, parental participation is unavailable. Mask is worn by choice, and each participant must fill in and pass the COVID-19 attestation. If you have cold symptoms, you may request to join online (use the Zoom link on your student page) A refund is not available once the session begins.

Live Music Assembly Program

(host members/registered students in division 2 and 3)
(all members)
109/26, 20219:50 am1. Isabel K. – Toccata in E minor
2. Roy – Fur Elise, part A
3. Jerry – Sonata in C Major, part A
4. Claire L. – Waltz in A minor
5. Emma – Golliwog’s Cake Walk
6. Amber – Turkish March
7. Sophie – Waltz in C# minor, part A, B
8. Morgan – Skip to My Lou
9. Lucas – Sonatina in C Major
10. Serena – Entertainer, part A
11. Alex JH – Romance, part A
12. Amelie – Waltz in C# minor, part A, B
Andrew and ElaineTeam and song selectionFour Major Style Periods in Music History

Introduction to Baroque Composers
Stone Toss Game

Cat’s Cradle

Sight Reading Challenge
210/039:20 am1. Roy-The Entertainer
2. Sophie-Invention No.4, part A
3. Alex-Revolutionary Etude, part A
4. Lucas-Minuet in G Major
5. Anabelle-Invention No.13, part A
6. Amber-Prelude and Fugue in C minor, Bach, WTC I, prelude, part A
7. Emma-Golliwog’s Cake Walk, part A
8. Amelie-Waltz in C# minor, part A, B, C
9. Claire L.-Minuet in G Major
10. Isabel-Etude in F minor
-Amber and Emma
Practicecarry over from last weekcarry over from last week
310/179:20 am1. Alfie-Turkish March, part A (RH)
2. Selena-Waltz in A minor, complete
3. Chloe-Venetian Boat Song
4. Lena-Waltz in A minor
5. Roy-Minuet in G Major
6. Natalie-Lonely Pine
7. Anabelle-Invention 13, part 1
8. Amber-Prelude in C minor WTC I
9. Emma
10. Isabel-Beethoven Sonata No. 1, 2nd mvt
11. Alex-Brahms Op. 118, No. 5 Romance, part 1
-Amber and Emma
-Anabelle and Lucas
-Alex and Isabel
411/079:00 am: Activities

9:20 am: Masterclass

10:15 am: Break & Practice

10:30 am: Performance

10:45 am: Ensemble

11:00 am: Finished!!!
Roy-Turkish March

Amber-Prelude in C Minor


Claire L-Minuet in G Major

Sophie-Invention No. 4

Anabelle-Nocturne in C#-

Alfie-Turkish March

Isabel-Sonata in F minor

Amelie-French Suite No. 5

Alex-Prelude in A flat Major






Morgan and Natalie

Anabelle and Lucas

Amber and Emma

Isabel and Alex
N/AEar Training
511/219:20 am: Lecture/Activities

9:30 am: Masterclass

10:30 am: Break

10:35 am: Ensemble Masterclass

11:00 am: Finished
9:30 am
Isabel-Ballade 3

9:38 am
Alex-Nocturne D flat

9:46 am
Alfie-Sonatina in C

9:51 am
Lucas-Toccata in A-

9:57 am

10:03 am
Serena-Returning Home

10:06 am

10:12 am
Amber-Prelude in C-

10:18 am
Lena-Sick Doll/French

10:25 am
Morgan-Moonlight Melody

N/A10:35 am Isabel+Alex

10:40 am

10:45 am

10:50 am

10:55 am

The True Face of Dynamics in musicStorytelling Project
612/059:20 am Project Presentation

9:30 am Lecture
9:40 am Shaan-Moonlight Sonata

9:45 am Sophie-Waltz in C# minor

9:50 am Isabel-Sonata in F minor

9:57 am Alex-Russian

10:04 am Lucas-Russian

10:10 am Anabelle-Russian

10:17 am Claire-Minuet in G

10:20 am Serena-Russian

10:23 am Alfie-Flight of Bumble Bee

10:28 am Lena-Russian

10:34 am Roy-Russian

10:40 am Amelie-Waltz in C# minor
10:45 am Morgan/Natalie

10:50 am Quartet
701/099:15 am Lecture

9:35 am Masterclass
Allison-Choice Song


Alfie-Turkish March

Roy-Fur Elise


Lucas-Waltz in A-


Claire J-Nocturne E flat

Isabel-Ballade 3

Sophie-Waltz in C#

Lena-Jesu Joy Men’s Desire

Alex-Polonaise A flat

Claire L. & Zoe-Happy Birthday DuetThe Reversal Effect of Facial Expression
801/23Sophie-Waltz in C# minor

Isabel-Ballade 3


Roy-Fur Elise

Alfie-Turkish March

Anabelle-Nocturne in C# minor

Lena-Waltz in A minor

Lucas-Waltz in A minor

902/069:15 amClaire-Toccatina

Roy-Waltz in A minor

Anabelle-Nocturne in C# minor

Isabel-Ballade 3


Lucas-Waltz in A minor

Alfie-Bumble Bee
1003/069:00 am Lecture/Masterclass
10:15 am Teams Practice
10:45 am Masterclass
Ensemble PracticeSmallville Script ReadingMaking a skit
1103/209:00 am Lecture: Cumulative Review
10:20 am Activity
Team ANatalie and MorganDance and movementsDemonstration
1204/039:00 am
1304/249:00 am
1405/019:00 am
1505/159:00 am
1606/059:00 am


  • Claire L. (Host Member, piano)
  • Zoe (General Member, piano)
  • Isabel K. (Host Member, piano)
  • Anabelle (Host Member, piano)
  • Sophie H.(Host Member, piano)
  • Lyla (Host Member, piano)
  • Serena (Host Member, piano)
  • Andrew (Guest Member, cello)
  • Amber (Host Member, piano)
  • Emma (Host Member, piano)
  • Natalie (Host Member, piano)
  • Morgan (Host Member, piano)
  • Alfie (Host Member, piano)
  • Lena (Host Member, piano)
  • Vivian J. (Guest Member, piano)
  • Claire J. (Guest Member, piano & violin)
  • Shaan (Host Member, piano, trombone)
  • Sophie Z. (Host Member, piano)

Membership Type: Host Member (Registered Students in Division 2 and 3), General Member (Registered Students in Division 1), Guest Member (Visiting/Non-Registered Students)


  • Piano Ensemble (duet, duo)
  • Choir
  • Chamber (piano and strings)
  • Percussion
* Isabel K. (Host)
* Alex JH (Host)
* Andrew (Guest)
* Amelie (Host)
* Vivian J. (Guest)
* Shaan (Host)
Amelie+Isabel+Andrew: Canon (original version)

Alex+Isabel: Sheep may Safely Graze

Shaan+Alex: First Gymnopedie
WINTER CONCERT(12/12/2021)
Isabel + Alex: Sheep May Safely Graze

GALA CONCERT(12/19/2021)
Amelie + Vivian + Claire J + Andrew: Canon in D
* Amber (Host)
* Emma (Host)
* Claire L. (Host)
* Claire J. (Guest)
* Anabelle (Host)
* Sophie H.(Host)
* Lucas (Host)
* Serena (Host)
* Roy (Host)
* Alfie (Host)
* Lena (Host)
* Jashun (General)
Emma+Claire L.: Entertainer, Sugar Plum Fairy

Amber+Emma: Military March

Claire L.+Amber: Canon (easy version)

Claire L.+Zoe: Happy Birthday

Anabelle+Serena: Chopstick

Anabelle+Sophie: Canon (easy)

Serena+Roy: Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring

Lucas+Roy: Canon in D

Lucas+Anabelle: The Entertainer

Sophie+Alfie: Heart and Soul

Lena+Roy: Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring

Anabelle+Lena: Maple Leaf Rag
GALA CONCERT(12/19/2021)
Claire L + Lucas: Entertainer

Anabelle + Lucas: Entertainer

Serena + Anabelle: Chopstick
* Zoe (General)
* Lyla (Host)
* Natalie (Host)
* Morgan (Host)
* Sophie Z. (Host)
Lyla+Zoe: In the Hall of the Mountain King, Snake Charmer, Ants go Marching

Natalie+Morgan: In the Hall of the Mountain King, Snake Charmer, Ants go Marching


Jesu, Joy of Man’s DesiringBachEasy4 hands, 1 pianoYouTube
Pirates of the Caribbean, Main ThemeKlaus BadeltAdvanced4 hands, 1 pianoYouTube
Pirates of the Carribean, Main Theme (piano & cello)Intermediatepiano & celloYouTubedownload
Sabre DanceAram Khachaturian Advanced4 hands, 1 piano YouTube
Canon in D (original)Intermediate4 hands, 1 piano YouTube
Canon in D (easy, C major)Easy4 hands, 1 piano
Canon in D (Jazz)Advanced4 hands, 1 piano YouTube
ChopstickEasy4 hands, 1 piano YouTube
In the Hall of Mountain KingEasy4 hands, 1 piano YouTube
Danse MacabreSaint-SaensYouTube
Hungarian Dance No.5BrahmsYouTube
River Flows in You (Henry & Yiruma)Yiruma4 hands, 2 pianosYouTube
James Bond ThemeYouTube
River Flows in You (piano & cello)piano & cello YouTube
Howl’s Moving CastleJoe HisaishiYouTubedownload
Carol of the Bells4 hands, 1 piano, 1 celloYouTubedownload
Jurassic Themepiano & celloYouTubedownload
A Thousand Yearspiano & cellodownload
Heart and Soul4 hands, 1 pianoYouTubedownload
Sheep may safely grazeBach4 hands, 1 piano YouTube
First GymnopedieSatie4 hands, 1 piano YouTube

Monica Lee & Charles Lee
Nuvole BiancheLudovico Einaudi4 hands, 1 piano YouTube
Fantasie in F minorSchubertAdvanced4 hands, 1 pianoYouTube


Isabel K

1. Sheep May Safely Graze (Alex)
2. Canon in D (Amelie, Andrew)
3. Pirates of Caribbean (Andrew)
4. Hungarian Dance (Alex, Shaan, Andrew)

1. Sheep May Safely Graze (Isabel)
2. First Gymnopedie (Shaan)
3. Hungarian Dance (Isabel, Shaan, Andrew)

1. First Gymnopedie (Alex)
2. Chopstick (Jashun)
3. Hungarian Dance (Isabel, Alex, Andrew)

1. Canon in D (Isabel, Andrew)
2. Jurrasic Park (Andrew)

1. Pirates of Caribbean (Isabel)
2. Jurrasic Park (Amelie)
3. Canon in D (Isabel, Amelie)
4. Hungarian Dance (Isabel, Alex, Shaan)

1. Canon in D (Amelie, Andrew, Claire J.)
2. Corelli (Claire J.)


1. Military March (Emma)
2. Canon in D modified (Claire L.)
3. Heart and Soul (Emma)
4. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Amber)

1. Military March (Amber)
2. Entertainer (Claire L.)
3. Heart and Soul (Amber)
4. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Claire L., Amber)
Claire L.

1. Entertainer (Emma, Lucas)
2. Canon in D modified (Amber)
3. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Emma)
4. Happy Birthday (Zoe)
Claire J.

1. Canon in D (Amelie, Vivian, Andrew)
2. Corelli (Vivian)


1. Chopsticks (Serena)
2. Entertainer (Lucas)
3. Maple Leaf Rag (Lena)
4. March (Serena)
5. Ode to Joy (Serena)
6. Canon in D modified (Sophie)
Sophie H.

1. Canon in D modified (Anabelle)
2. Heart and Soul (Alfie)


1. Entertainer (Anabelle, Claire L.)
2. Canon in D modified (Roy)
3. In the Hall of the Mountain King (Jashun)
4. Three Little Pieces (Jashun)

1. Chopsticks (Anabelle)
2. Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring (Roy)
3. March (Anabelle)
4. Ode to Joy (Anabelle)

1. Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring (Serena, Lena)
2. Canon in D modified (Lucas)
3. __________________(Lucas)

1. Heart and Soul (Sophie)
2. _________________ (Roy)

1. Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring (Roy)
2. Maple Leaf Rag (Anabelle)

1. Three Little Pieces (Lucas)
2. In the Hall of Mountain King (Lucas)
3. Chopsticks (Shaan)

1. In the Hall of the Mountain King (Lyla, Morgan, Natalie, Sophie Z.)
2. Happy Birthday (Claire L.)
3. Snake Charmer (Lyla, Morgan, Natalie)
4. Ants go Marching (Lyla, Morgan, Natalie)

1. In the Hall of the Mountain King (Zoe, Morgan, Natalie)
2. Snake Charmer (Zoe)
3. Ants go Marching (Zoe)

1. In the Hall of the Mountain King (Morgan, Zoe)
2. Ants go Marching (Morgan, Zoe)
3. Maple Leaf Rag from book 2 (Morgan)
4. Snake Charmer (Morgan, Zoe)

1. In the Hall of the Mountain King (Sophie Z., Zoe, Natalie)
2. Ants go Marching (Natalie, Zoe)
3. Snake Charmer (Natalie, Zoe)
4. Symphony No. 5 (Sophie Z.)
5. Maple Leaf Rag from book 2 (Natalie)
Sophie Z.

1. In the Hall of the Mountain King (Morgan)
2. Symphony No. 5 (Morgan)