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Bellevue Academy of Arts & Music
Posted 5 months ago

Job Types: Part-time, Contract, Internship

Salary: $18.00 - $42.00 per hour

Expected hours: 4 – 16 per week

About Us:

  • Bellevue Academy of Arts & Music, the official partner school for the Royal Conservatory of Music, prides itself on delivering profound and enriching artistic education. We're dedicated to inspiring creativity, nurturing talent, and setting the stage for musical excellence.


  • Engage with children, fostering a positive and uplifting learning atmosphere.
  • Assist primary instructors in the Preparatory to Intermediate level courses.
  • Oversee student behavior, guaranteeing a secure learning environment.
  • Evaluate student progression and offer feedback regarding their musical growth.
  • Partner with fellow music educators and staff to organize performances and events.
  • Provide tailored assistance to individual students.
  • Manage and upkeep musical instruments and educational resources.


  • Possession of a high school diploma or equivalent. (Note: High school students are eligible to apply solely for the teacher training college.)
  • Preference given to candidates with a music degree or those currently pursuing one.
  • Required completion of our paid Teacher Training Program, which includes the RCM Smart Start Program held on Saturday mornings. This program serves as a foundational experience and marks a pivotal learning milestone in one's musical journey.
  • Demonstrable ability to sing and exhibit proficient musicianship.
  • Essential proficiency in music reading.
  • Skill in planning and executing engaging music lessons.
  • Superior classroom management capabilities.
  • An innate passion for teaching music, complemented by patience and creativity.
  • Robust communication and interpersonal prowess.
  • A clean and successful background check is mandatory.

Compensation/Hiring Note:

  • The hiring for this position is conditional and contingent upon the successful completion of the Bellevue Academy's Teacher Training Program. During the Teacher Training Program, you will receive minimum compensation. Upon successful completion of the training, your pay will be adjusted and increased according to the skill-specific pay scale module that we incorporate, ensuring that your expertise and dedication are adequately rewarded.


  • Flexible scheduling.
  • Opportunity to engage in events and masterclasses via our partnership with the Royal Conservatory of Music.
  • Paid Professional Training. Starting from $18 per hour.
  • Assistant Teacher may build the base rate up to $42 per hour.
  • Elevating the pay structure, with the chance to join the faculty ($50 to $80 per hour).

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Teaching Assistant

Job Types: Part-time, Contract, Internship Salary: $18.00 – $42.00 per hour Expected hours: 4 – 16 per week About Us: Responsibilities: Qualification/Requirement: […]