*Live Music Assembly

Live Music Assembly is a program-based performance class for registered students at Bellevue Academy of Music. (open to 5-18 years old)
The Winter 1 Quarter will host 4 sessions on the following dates, Sundays, 9:50 am to 11 am.

September 26
October 3
October 17
November 7

The Assembly is composed of:

  1. Masterclass (9:50 am – 10:20 am)
  2. Opening Performance (10:20 am – 10:30 am)
  3. General Meeting (10:30 am – 10:35 am)
  4. Ensemble Performance (10:35 am-10:40 am)
  5. Music History/Lecture (10:40 am -10:50 am)
  6. Activity/Music Clinic (10:50 – 11:00 am)

Students from Bellevue Academy of Music who are enrolled in Division 2 and 3 may attend the assembly as “host members” and must arrive at 9:45 am to prepare for the masterclass. They will also participate in the opening Performances. For all others, including division 1 and non-registered students, will join the assembly as “general members” and may audit the whole program from 9:50 am – 11:00 am. Quiet seating and observation skill are required. At this time, parental participation is unavailable. Mask is to be worn 100% of the time, and each participant must fill in and pass the COVID-19 attestation (www.shorturl.at/ltO16). A refund is not available once the session begins.


109/269:50 am1. Isabel K. – Toccata in E minor
2. Roy – Fur Elise, part A
3. Jerry – Sonata in C Major, part A
4. Claire L. – Waltz in A minor
5. Emma – Golliwog’s Cake Walk
6. Amber – Turkish March
7. Sophie – Waltz in C# minor, part A, B
8. Morgan – Skip to My Lou
9. Lucas – Sonatina in C Major
10. Serena – Entertainer, part A
11. Alex JH – Romance, part A
12. Amelie – Waltz in C# minor, part A, B
Andrew and ElaineTeam and song selectionFour Major Style Periods in Music History

Introduction to Baroque Composers
Stone Toss Game

Cat’s Cradle

Sight Reading Challenge
210/039:20 am1. Roy-The Entertainer
2. Sophie-Invention No.4, part A
3. Alex-Revolutionary Etude, part A
4. Lucas-Minuet in G Major
5. Anabelle-Invention No.13, part A
6. Amber-Prelude and Fugue in C minor, Bach, WTC I, prelude, part A
7. Emma-Golliwog’s Cake Walk, part A
8. Amelie-Waltz in C# minor, part A, B, C
9. Claire L.-Minuet in G Major
10. Isabel-Etude in F minor
-Amber and Emma
Practicecarry over from last weekcarry over from last week
310/179:20 am1. Alfie-Turkish March, part A (RH)
2. Selena-Waltz in A minor, complete
3. Chloe-Venetian Boat Song
4. Lena-Waltz in A minor
5. Roy-Minuet in G Major
6. Natalie-Lonely Pine
7. Anabelle-Invention 13, part 1
8. Amber-Prelude in C minor WTC I
9. Emma
10. Isabel-Beethoven Sonata No. 1, 2nd mvt
11. Alex-Brahms Op. 118, No. 5 Romance, part 1
-Amber and Emma
-Anabelle and Lucas
-Alex and Isabel


  • Roy (Host Member, piano)
  • Claire L. (Host Member, piano)
  • Zoe (General Member, piano)
  • Isabel K. (Host Member, piano)
  • Alex JH (Host Member, piano)
  • Anabelle (Host Member, piano)
  • Amelie (Host Member, piano)
  • Sophie (Host Member, piano)
  • Jerry (Host Member, piano)
  • Lyla (Host Member, piano)
  • Serena (Host Member, piano)
  • Lucas (Host Member, piano)
  • Andrew (Guest Member, cello)
  • Amber (Host Member, piano)
  • Emma (Host Member, piano)
  • Natalie (Host Member, piano)
  • Morgan (Host Member, piano)


  • Piano Ensemble (duet, duo)
  • Choir
  • Chamber (piano and strings)
  • Percussion
* Isabel K.
* Alex JH
* Andrew
* Amelie
Amelie+Isabel: Canon (original version)


Alex+Isabel: First Gymnopedie, Sheep may Safely Graze

* Amber
* Emma
* Claire L.
* Jerry
Jerry+Claire L.: Canon (easy version)

Amber+Emma: Military March

Emma+Jerry: Entertainer

Claire L.+Amber: Canon (easy version)
* Anabelle
* Sophie
* Lucas
* Serena
* Roy
Anabelle+Serena: Chopstick

Anabelle+Sophie: Canon (easy version)

Serena+Roy: Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring

Lucas+Roy: Canon (easy version)

Lucas+Anabelle: The Entertainer
* Zoe
* Lyla
* Natalie
* Morgan
Lyla+Zoe: In the Hall of the Mountain King, Snake Charmer

Natalie+Morgan: In the Hall of the Mountain King, Snake Charmer


Jesu, Joy of Man’s DesiringBachEasy4 hands, 1 pianoYouTube
Pirates of the Caribbean, Main ThemeKlaus BadeltAdvanced4 hands, 1 pianoYouTube
Pirates of the Carribean, Main Theme (piano & cello)piano & celloYouTubedownload
Sabre DanceAram Khachaturian Advanced4 hands, 1 piano YouTube
Canon in D (original)YouTube
Canon in D (easy-C major)
In the Hall of Mountain KingYouTube
Danse MacabreSaint-SaensYouTube
Hungarian Dance No.5BrahmsYouTube
River Flows in You (Henry & Yiruma)Yiruma4 hands, 2 pianosYouTube
James Bond ThemeYouTube
River Flows in You (piano & cello)piano & cello YouTube
Howl’s Moving CastleJoe HisaishiYouTubedownload
Carol of the Bells4 hands, 1 piano, 1 celloYouTubedownload
Jurassic Themepiano & celloYouTubedownload
A Thousand Yearspiano & cellodownload
Heart and Soul4 hands, 1 pianoYouTubedownload
Sheep may safely grazeBach4 hands, 1 piano YouTube
First GymnopedieSatie4 hands, 1 piano YouTube
Nuvole BiancheLudovico Einaudi4 hands, 1 piano YouTube