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Summer Concert, June 12, 2022-Live & Online


10 AM

Teddy Ferris Wheels, Piano Adventure
AlexConcerto in E minor, Part 1, Chopin
LawrencePrelude in C Major, Bach
Vivian D.Yankee Doodle, Piano Adventure
AlfieBumble Bee, Rimsky-Korsakov
AllisonThe Juggler
AnnabelleBest Friends, Piano Adventure
Gorilla in the Tree
Sophie H.Prelude in C Major, Bach
Waltz in C# Minor, Chopin
RosaDinosaurs Stomp, Piano Adventure
Shepherd’s Song
Sophie Z.Sakura, Piano Adventure 3A
Anabelle L.Nocturne in C# Minor, Chopin
Video: (link to be added later, please check back)
ShaanClaire de Lune, Part 1, Debussy
JashunDay Dream, Piano Adventure 2A
Isabel J.Harlequinade, Krebs
Allegro, Piano Adventure 3A
MorganThe Juggler, Piano Adventure
SerenaLittle Prelude in C major, Bach
MichaelFunny Puppy, Anne Crosby
Looking at the Glass River, Piano Adventure
MarcusDinosaur’s Stomp, Piano Adventure
ZoePolly Wooly Doodle, Piano Times
Pyramids at Night, Piano Adventure
Vivian J.Sonata in C Major, 1st & 3rd mvt. Haydn
Claire L.Fur Elise, Beethoven
SelenaVenetian Boat Song
Spinning Top
NataliePirate of North Sea, Piano Adventure
LenaPrelude in C Major, Bach
Waltz in A minor, Chopin
AmberPrelude from Prelude & Fugue in C minor Book 1, Bach
Isabel K.Sonata in F minor, Beethoven
EmmaGolliwog’s Cake Walk, Debussy
Claire J.Waltz in C# minor, Chopin

Roy Kim