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Winter Concert December 2020

Anabelle plays Little Prelude in C Major by Bach (Division 3)
Anabelle plays Valse Miniature by Rebikov (Division 3)
Claire J plays Chanson Triste by Kalinnikov (Division 3)
Ashmita plays Fur Elise by Beethoven (Division 3)
Alfie plays Sonatina in C Major by Kuhlau (Division 2)
Selena plays Valse in A Minor by Chopin, Part I (Division 2)
Lena plays Song of Twilight by Nakada (Division 1)
Aanya plays Arabesque by Burgmuller (Division 2)
Vivian plays Prelude in G minor by Rachmaninoff (Division 3)
Vivian plays Prelude and Fugue in D Major, I, by Bach (Division 3)
Jerry plays the Little March by Kennins (Division 2)
Amber plays Sonatina in F by Haydn (Division 2)
Amber plays the Wild Horseman by Schumann (Division 2)
Emma plays Play it Again by Norton (Division 2)
Serena plays Slow Waltz by Kabalevsky (Division 2)
Serena plays Minuet in G Major by Bach (Division 2)
Lawrence plays Arabesque by Burgmuller (Division 1)
Yao plays Scarf Dance (Division 2)
Chloe plays Fur Elise by Beethoven (Division 2)
Claire L plays Minuet in G by Bach (Division 2)
Claire L plays Sonatina in C major, 2nd Movt by Clementi (Division 2)
Daniel plays Canon by Pachelbel, part 1 (Division 2)
Natalie plays Jingle Bell (Division 1)
Allison plays My Invention (Division 1)
Sophie plays Valse in A minor by Chopin, part 1 (Division 2)
Amelie plays Sonata in G Major, 1st movt. by Mozart (Division 3)
Lyla plays We Wish You a Merry Christmas (Division 2)
Isabel plays Etude in F Minor by Chopin (Division 3)
Emma and Amber playing Duet, Hall of the Mountain King (Division 2)