RCM Smart Start

Discover the joy of music with our Smart Start™ program at Bellevue Academy of Arts & Music. Developed and researched by the Royal Conservatory of Music for children aged 0-6, our unique curriculum combines neuroscience and traditional early childhood learning methods for holistic cognitive development. Located in proximity to Downtown Bellevue, we provide weekly classes that foster creativity and confidence in young minds. Learn more about our innovative approach to Early Childhood Music Education (ECME) and help set the stage for your child’s future.

Focuses include:

  • Musicianship (notation)
  • Form
  • Instrumental and vocal performance
  • Listening
  • Improvisation
  • Movement

All in age appropriate, play based forms of learning

Acts as theory component for private lessons

Leads directly into a higher level of music study, such as RCM’s Celebrate Theory, Prep Level Preparation for Music Study

Event Timeslots (1)

2 to 4
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