Student Code of Conduct


We would like to inform you of our special withdrawal policy. Students may be withdrawn from the program if they exhibit any of the following behaviors:

  • Unresponsiveness towards instruction (demonstrating one or less active responses out of five continuous prompts by the end of the second class, when prompts are also given to other students, and over 90% of students are following them). Examples of prompts include ‘Please bring your book and sit’ or ‘Open the book to page 15.’
  • Disruptive behavior that significantly impedes the class (any pause lasting for more than 30 seconds per occurrence, up to 3 times per class, as a direct result of the student’s disruptive actions in any verbal, visual, or physical forms, such as screaming, pounding on instruments, running, talking over the instructor, throwing items, or repeated behaviors). If your child has a learning disability, please consult with us first to develop the best approach.
  • Inability to follow instruction or showing an opposite action from what is being requested when such prompt is imperative to the curriculum.

Furthermore, we reserve the right to terminate a student’s enrollment in the program for any misconduct that includes physical contact or abuse towards others, verbal abuse towards others, use of foul language, threatening others verbally or using any item, or improvising it, physically taking, replacing, or damaging someone else’s property with intent, improper and unsanitary disposal including spitting, taking inappropriate stimulants, or caught showing it to others, sharing or forcing others to take it. We take any such incidents very seriously and will create a detailed case report, which will explain the incident in detail and provide evidence to support the decision to remove the student from the program.